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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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punished. first looked like a protest gone out of control, is a premeditated organized attack.. the state department is moving to beef up security. >> reporter: the state department requested and the pentagon has approved the movement of 50 u.s. marines which will be sent to libya as we speak to polster defenses in political consumption. official areti still investigatg who was behind the attack, which coincided with the 11th 11th anniversary of 9/11.9/ at first, it appeared to be an out of control demonstration by muslim protestors, over set over a movie -- upset over a move think they say mocks muhammed. but it might have been a cover. officials indicate islamic extremists used the crisis at the u.s. consulate to unleer a premeditated assault against the u.s. symbol on the 9/11 anniversary.
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>> the united states condemn inn the strong gels determs this outrageous and stroking attack. >> president obama con the attacks, and killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> we reject all efforts to ten great of beliefs of others, butu there is no justification toj this type of senseless violence. >> reporter: the president then went to the state department to mourn with employees. secretary of state said the lynn indian government was not -- libyan government was not involved. >> a free and stable libya isliy still in america's interest, and security. and we will not turn our backsba on that. >> reporter: ambassador stevensb died trying to get staffers out of the u.s. consulate while the demonsttion, raged outside. while there, attackers fired grenades into the building.
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>> we strongly conmn this kind of attack.k. >> reporter: mitt romneyep wednesday orhad to defend a statement criticizing the white house's handling of the growing protests which left paul ryan t personally deliver the campaign's looks >> the loss of mpfour american lives, including our ambassador, jay christopher stevens.chr this is outrageous. >> reporter: u.s. official latea identified shawn smith, a veteran foreign service information officer, as one of the casualties. names of the two other americans killed have not been released. >> president obama said today that some libyans tried to fight and defend the u.s. post while it was under attack. carrying stevens body to a hospitalful the libyan doctor told the ap that he died of aa severe asphyxiation from smokesm inhalation, and they fought for
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90 minutes to save him. jay christopher stevens was a career recently appointed to theth position of am mass door in may. he served two earlier tours in libya, including a tour in the revolution. joined the foreign service in 1991. before that, he was a peace corps volunteer. he lived in chevy chase maryland. meanwhile -- condemning stevens murder.ste they are condemning floridaon pastor terry jones.. he's promoting the anti muslim video called innocence ofinno muslims, which has been blamedbe for the violence in libya. >> i'd like to say in a personn word that i am embarrassed, and ashamed that the christian religion has been associated
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with an act as hateful as thatas of releasing a film intended to insight violence and even to cause the deaths of innocent people. it is a form of rhetorical hateh >> general martin dempsey, theth chairman of the joint chiefs off staff spoke with terry jones,t and asked had erto withdraw the support of the video. politics coming to the forefront in the aftermath ofafe this deadly attack. joining us to talk about that side of the story is professor lenny steinhorn. how damaging is it to the obama administration that this embassy could not protect the diplomats. >> these things happen in anin unstable world. we no that area is fragile, a new country over throw of gaddafi, so i think people understand bad things can b happen. i think the real issue is what type of leadership the president
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will show from this point on. i don't think americans will blame him for bad things happening like this, but they would prefer that perhaps weap would have had better protection for the embassies. but i think they are at what he's going to do from this points on. >> you think leadership, islead there any other part of thisf issue that could come up now during the current presidential election? >> i think mitt romney's attack on the obama administration atad this mipoint was a bit unseemly and perhaps a bit too partisan at this point. not everything in a campaign has to be overly par -- partisan.p i think governor romney made a mistake by speaking in a partisan way before they had the facts on this issue.ct >> on the heels of the story now, which i know you heard that president obama refused to meet with benjamin netanyahu.enne what is going on with the middli east foreign policy? >> the relationship betweenat
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president obama and netanyahu has never been very, very good. and there's always been some tensions. i think netanyahu is trying to use the election to pushto president obama to be more agreeable to what the israelise want to do with iran. so in some ways. prime minister netanyahu is using the elections to get what he wants in terms ofte relationship.r it's a dicey game. ayou don't want to alienate yoe besnat ali, but this is how fearful the prime minister is of iran getting nuclear weapons. >> american university political professor, lenny stainhorn.. thanks for >> stay with us for more developments in this deadly attack. we'll have the latest details on the news at 10.s you can check updates on news alert involving theinv fate of a pot tomorrow mackma mayor -- potomac maryland man.yl the country is prepared to negotiate a solution in the fate
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of alan he's serving 15 year sentence. gross's attorney claims hisms health is deteriorating while he's in prison. tonight, news edge n conclusive.ew we are hearing from former dc mayor fenty.yo mayor fenty has shied away froma y the spotlight since being defeated two years ago.s what does fenty think about all the scandals? >> reporter: we've caught up with mayor fenty after a radior interview focused on the chicago teacher walk out. he wants to evaluate teachers on performance, but we asked himed about recent events here locally, since he left office. he was careful with his words. >> the mayor says he's happy to be a private citizen, and seeme to shy away from calls for him
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to return to the public spotlight. >> people miss seeing you.e is there anything going on? >> i may have to argue with that, but i don't know whetherwh people miss seeing me or not, but i , born and raised here. mayorporter: the former was careful with his words whenr we asked about the headlines of scandal that have come from city governments since he left the district's highest office.e. >> any time there's any type of investigation, citizens' here'sn are s'going to perk up. >> reporter: since he lefte le office, two council members have been forced from their jobs after admitting to felonies. a shadow campaign that was puttt together to defeat fenty wasas uncovered by federal officials.s and a man who dee feed fenty, vincent gray, remains under investigation by the u.s. attorney.rn >> clearly, there have been some miss steps. mistakes, some things that shouldn't have happened in the past. my hope is that those things remain in the past, and everything gets back to normal and the city continues toto
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improve. >> reporter: fenty made no f mention of engetting back into c politics, but said he'll continue to support the city hei loves. >> as a dc resident, i think the city in general is going forward and is a great place to live,li and i'll do everything i can at a citizen to make sure it keeps going that way. >> fenty says he is currently working at a law office in dupont circle. he ask also focused on efforts to improve education nationwide. brian, it seems like he's happy to be out of the public eye. campaign ads adding up. how much candidates are paying. >> the performance of the stock has been disappointing.dig. >> facebook found terry -- talkr the first time about the stockst >> some changes and tweaksch towards the end of the week anin weather. dave, what's coming up inin
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sports? >> robert given -- robert griffin wasn't the only one too shine. we'll talk about the rookie'ski' touchdown celebration. news edge at 6:00 continues in a [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient. this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence.
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swing states are racking up a abig price tag thista presidential election. president obama and mitt romney have spent $575 million for campaign ads in 12 battleground states. more than half of the money has been spent in florida and ohio,h and virginia. to date, the romney campaign has launched 5-point -- all eyes are fixed on the economy as we inchi closer to the november 6 election. new census bureau report showser things have not improved. the average household income dropped 1.5% to just overjus $50,000. the overall poverty rate remains unchanged at 15%.
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roughly 46.2 million people. for 011, official poverty at th line was an poannual income ofce $23,000 for a family of four. edge on maryland, more money is being poured into the state't gambling campaign. there was another 4 millionanot poured into the campaign defeat the measure. wait is over, apple debutede the new iphone.. coming up, what makes this oneth better than the rest.
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facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg is defending his brain zuckerberg admits he'sa disappointed with the slumping stocking but suggests facebook has a bright future, and
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suggesting despite the number, it's a good time to buy stock in the company. >> i think it's a great time for people to join and it's a great time for people to stay and double down. d >> facebook was the first company to debut on stock markets with a value of more than $100 since it went public in may, the site has lost more than half its worth. this is it. today, apple unveiled the new iphone, capable of faster, real 4b. has a taller the phone will have a battery with 8 hours of web browsing, and talk time.b the new phone mailed of glass and loom -- made of glass and aluminum. it's the thinnest iphone yet. joining us now to talk about the highly anticipated iphone 5?ne >> thanks for having me. >> does it feel like a big deal? is it because -- it doesn't feel like a big deal. b it just doesn't have the hype
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the others have had.ave >> there were a lot of people expecting more from this announcement. some wanted a bigger screen or big exercise device, but do you wants to go back to the days of carrying a brick. >> and the bigger screen isn't exactly a better picture. the color are brighter, awe it's almost -- it's almost 16 by 9. what's the most impressive?si >> one is the lte which stands for long term evolution of the 4g signal, and that's fog to beo available on all the models, and quite a pig thing -- big. it will be faster and so forth. >> which doesn't help with browsing so etch. s if you're streaming music. it helps with browsing. that's still data so the bettere connection you have, the faster presume blip the data will -- presumably the data will come. >> if you are a iphone die
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hard, if all your music is in itunes. you're going to want to upgrade at some point to this new device, because your part of the eco system. on the other hand, if you like to be independent, there are other devices that might work well also. >> and we all, regardless of the 4 g 16789 -- gs, get the new marketing >> thank you mark. we have more good newse coming out of the fox 5 accuweather it looks like another comfortable night. temperatures will drop into the 50s again tonight.on not as chilly as last night. n not as many places falling intos the 40s. maybe one or two, but still below average. a degree or two warmer tomorrow. essentially, more 6 of the same with temperatures in the lowhe 80s. couple of showers are possible late on we have a frontal boundary that's going to come through. they are going to be hit and miss.
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i'll show you on the future cast in a movement. a good news, it looks like the front's going to keep moving. right now, weekend looks like it's going to be dry, and looks like temperatures will be in t upper 70s after the front passes us for the weekend. so far, so good. i will tell you this. part of next week could be unsettled, but we'll take the weeks one at a time, and focus on the good stuff. these are the temperatures we hit today. dallas and reagan at 11, temperature trend with average temperature bye 81, might be just a notch above it tomorrow at 82. friday, about 81., front comes by on friday night with some showers, and it drops temperatures on salt day and sunday -- saturday and sundayand into the upper 70s. so we keep the comfortable rolling with the interruption of some showers, which we can use, even if it's on friday night. temperatures around the region, 79 degrees in the district, 75 for gaithersburg, 76 for battle missouri, and leonardtown 73, with dulles and martinsburg at
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78. humidity is low. these are the temperatures we expect to hit overnight. 56 for frederick, 57 for manassas, and about 61 degrees for leonardtown. warmer near annapolis, closer to the water, but annot mh in the way of cloud cover today. high pressure still parked on top of us. but here is our friday night frontal boundary.frta it does collect a bit of moisture from minneapolis westna of omaha down through denver.h . would you believe tonight first snow possible above 11,000 people in the rockies?th they could get 4-8 inches. that's the front that's comingt' in our direct.s ct notify how it's dropping the temperatures behind it. when you of 94 in wichita, and 53 in denver, something chilly is coming. c and that's the front that willth be here and probably keep thepr temperatures obgoing in a comfortable direction.coor we're about 82 degrees tomorrow, friday, about 11, again, we
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talked about a -- 81, again, we 1,talked about a couple showers. saturday and sunday, not bad. if we have showers left over,hoe they would be in the overnight hours. so so far, so good.. next week could be unsettled, including monday, tuesday, and wednesday.y. not sure how much rain we'll get, but that frontal boundaryfr will be the first kind of waveo in bringing the jetstream in a dip. >> thanks. last night another case of a nats ofbench player, coming up p when it mattered the most. s som. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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dave ross with you, and the accolades keep coming for robert griffin the 3.n he was named the nfc offensive player of the week, and the first rookie quarterback ever in the his interest of pro football to win that after making his professional debut impress of indeed. he isn't the only rookie that looked impressive.ok
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what about this guy? alfred morris who surprised many with his big time gamega registering 96 yards, he wasn't even announced as the starting back until saturday night. i spoke with morris talked about his preparation for week town, and touch -- one, and touchdown >> i go to have fun on game daya i mehave fun, and more, once i start getting the rhythm, i have more fun. i just start to roll. >> two touchdowns, and i think you had a couple sell -- celebrates. i made a -- i told them i would do a i liked it so i stick with it. >> how about college football news. notre dame is switches conferences moving to the acc. move for all sports, except fore
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football, ptwhere the fighting irish will keep their independent status.det notre dame will play fumigation against other acc schools. the move is not expected to happen until 2014. now tonight, for the nats, john land non in the rotation aa tithe nats seek a 3 game sweep f the mets. so far, so good.od. last night, nats received a boost off their bench to reduceo their magic number to win the east.east last night, they trailed 2-1. here comes one of the rookies,ro tyler moore, and watch where this goes.h oe dickey, that is not coming back. it gave the nats the lead for good as they went to beat the mets. >> just out there, not thinking about
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just, you know, -- just i was ability to get the barrel on. >> we got a great group of guys. it's fun playing here. >> these guys have been doing an great job all year.l i'm proud of them, and of course, tyler moore, a big hit tonight. and he was a point from going in there, and i knew he had the power to hit one out. o boom. >> you know you won the gamew the music going onusic in the background. caps resigned tony bloward.
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is -- another beautiful day, an it's going to be on the war, side. here's -- on the warm side. again, expecting to have a couple of clouds increase oninc friday. maybe a shower friday night. i don't think it's in the big deal if we get the showers, it would be shlate friday, after 6 or 7, and into saturday with the possibility of an incumbent ofof early showers.eas. -- a couple of early showers.o saturday and sunday, temperatures into the f upper 70s. looks unsettled though for monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. back here tonight at 10:00, the news edge at 11. anncr: this casisino's in west virginia. bubut it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland.
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creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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